When designing a house, much attention is given to the interior layout, the dimensions of spaces and the distribution of furniture, without realising the highly important difference that lighting makes to the project.

Lighting has the capacity to transform a location into a completely different place.

Lighting literally allows us to highlight certain corners of the house and transform spaces with the power of illumination in order to enhance the expressiveness of their design.

ICAZAR ARCHITECTS pays special attention to avoiding an excess of shadows by always seeking to find the right balance between the focused lighting of specific points and the generic illumination of the space as a whole. This includes finding the right equilibrium between natural sunlight and shade, as shade is often a factor that triggers curiosity and interest.

ICAZAR ARCHITECTS takes the following factors into account when planning the lighting of a residential property:

Natural light
General lighting
Focused lighting
Decorative lighting

Natural light depends on the orientation of the property relative to the plot of land on which it stands, along with its window and door openings.

The path of the sun over the house must always be taken into account when designing the property and deciding on its location, orientation and space distribution.

General lighting is what gives the property a uniform sense of being illuminated. This will often involve the use of spotlights, wall lamps or ceiling lamps. The main overall contribution is made by lamps embedded in the ceilings of the property.

Focused lighting allows us to illuminate a specific feature of the property, such as a bedside table, a reading desk, a dressing table or a dining area.

It complements the general lighting described above by helping to cover specific needs. ICAZAR ARCHITECTS always makes great effort to find out about the lifestyle of the people who are going to occupy the property, so that the chosen system of lighting is practical and designed to their full satisfaction.

The fourth item on the list is decorative lighting. This is used, as its name suggests, to highlight the decorative features of the property. ICAZAR ARCHITECTS designs this type of lighting with the architectural details of the property in mind.

This entails planning ahead wherever possible to create the right ambience for each space, by projecting the type of light required in each case to fullfill our intentions and needs.