As we get closer to the end of 2019, we see that the year has not passed unnoticed in terms of architecture. So let’s take a look at some works that are under way or already complete, in the shape of seven impressive buildings around the world.

icazar qatar

1. National Museum of Qatar, by Jean Nouvel:

The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ), a work of French architect Jean Nouvel, is an impressive building consisting of hundreds of horizontal and vertical disc structures. Inspired by the desert rose, it creates large areas of shade. During the building’s inauguration on 27 March, the architect said he had designed it to tell the story of Qatar and its great ambitions for the future.


icazr thousand trees shanghai

2. “Thousand Trees” residential building, by Heatherwich Studio, Shanghai:

Following on from the “vertical forest” concept of the Bosco Verticale towers in Milan, the Heatherwich Studio has created the “Thousand Trees” residential building. The 300,000 m2project has been conceived as a hill covered with vegetation, rather than just a simple skyscraper. The structure is a mixed-use complex consisting of apartments, offices, shops, a school and a hotel. The outstanding feature of this project is its structural concrete columns, which protrude from the buildings like giant flower pots containing trees.


icazar ruby city

3. Ruby City for Linda Pace, by David Adjaye:

Ruby City, an arts centre designed by David Adjaye, will finally be opening its doors to the public in October. It is located in San Antonio, Texas. After twelve years on the drawing board, Adjaye Associates, working in collaboration with Alamo Architects, has completed this project designed to house the growing collection of the  Linda Pace Foundation. Covering 14,000 square feet of floorspace, the arts centre aims to supply collaborative exhibition space for both the city’s creative community and local and international artists. The space includes a museum and a landscaped sculpture garden with a work by Nancy Rubins.


icazar the shed new york

4. The Shed, by Diller Scofidio + Renfino, in New York:

After more than ten years’ production work, Diller Scofidio + Renfro and Rockwelll have inaugurated The Shed in New York City. The building is equipped with a 120-metre telescopic frame, which can be extended from the main structure to host major events. The project is connected to the High Line on 30th Street to hold performances and art shows for the city’s newest neighbourhood. The Shed houses various galleries, along with the Griffin Theater and MacCourt, a performance space. The upper floor is home to a rehearsal area, a laboratory space for local artists and event facilities.


icazar al wakrah stadium

5. Al Wakrah Stadium, by Zaha Hadid, Qatar:

Architect Zaha Hadid presented this project in 2013. The shape of the stadium is inspired in the traditional fishing dhows of the port of Al Wakrah. The stadium’s façade is made of a bright white material reminiscent of seashells. Its main features include a fully retractable roof and air conditioning. With a capacity of 40,000 seats, it is to be one of eight venues designed to host the 32 teams playing in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


icazar under restaurant beneath sea norway

6. Under, the restaurant beneath the sea, by Snøhetta, Norway:

Inaugurated on 20 March of this year in Båly, a village in Norway, Under is a highly innovative project. A creation of Snøhetta Architects, the Under complex includes both a restaurant and a research centre for marine life. Thirty-four metres of the semi-submerged building are in contact with the surface of the water, with a further five metres under the sea.

It is designed to blend into the marine environment over time, as the concrete structure becomes an artificial reef.

The underwater restaurant’s huge eleven-metre window offers spectacular views of the seabed as it changes throughout the year.

Measuring instruments have also been installed on the façade of the building for the use of various teams of marine biologists.


icazar vessel tower new york

7. Vessel Tower, by Thomas Heatherwick, New York:

Partly opened in March of this year, the so-called “Eiffel Tower of New York City”, a project by Thomas Heatherwick, a British architect, is a large staircase-like structure costing around €134 million. It is intended to stand 16 storeys high in the heart of Manhattan.

The combined sculpture/building Vessel Tower is part of the new 4.8-hectare Hudson Yards urban complex, which includes a seven-storey shopping centre housing various well-known brands, a Spanish food centre known as Mercado Little Spain and various other features.

The shopping mall provides a base for six skyscrapers containing luxury residences and office space.

Items like The Shed (a centre for avant-garde art) and “The Vessel” sculpture itself add the finishing touches to this immense project.