Competency across all project stages

ICAZAR takes pride in the craftsmanship of the buildings it raises: Since we take care of the entire value chain, we strongly identify with the final product. We always strive to achieve an optimal combination of design, functionality and quality. To this end, all stakeholders cooperate closely, combining state-of-the-art developments with traditional local craftsmanship.

Taking a holistic approach, we combine project development consultancy with a consistent construction project management in business administration and organisational terms.

What we have to offer here is end-to-end process management, from the initial project analysis to the realisation of the building projects, be they about new structures or about the realignment and redevelopment of old ones.

The expertise of ICAZAR.architects includes specifically the project management of hotel property. In this context, our clients benefit from the experience and know-how ICAZAR gained through its long-term collaboration with property investment funds and hotel operators.