Traditional materials from the Balearic Islands

Traditional materials from the Balearic Islands that you can't miss in your home.

That the traditional buildings of the Balearic Islands have their own style is something that no one doubts. A style that is captivating for its simplicity and the use of materials that form part of the natural landscape of the islands. A style that has its origins in the combination of influences from different cultures over the centuries and that results in a unique and distinctive architectural style. Today at Icazar we are going to tell you which traditional materials from the Balearic Islands are a must in your home:

Clay materials.

Within the architecture of the Balearic Islands we can clearly see the use of clay materials. Although there are many uses for this type of material, it stands out in the production of roof tiles, blocks, walls, façades, cladding and for the decoration of interior spaces. This type of material can be classified into three types: tapial, adobe and brick.

Two examples of traditional mallorcan windows.

Tapial is the most ancient form of construction. With a mixture of clay, stones and lime, a quick and efficient construction solution was achieved, with great insulating capacity, very durable in the open air and resistant to seismic movements.

On the other hand, adobe has been the most common clay material in the Mediterranean environment. It was a construction solution that allowed more complex forms to be built than those that could be executed with rammed earth.

And the most common and recognisable, brick. The baked clay material (ceramic) that substantially increases the resistance of the constructions and that today is the construction material par excellence in the Mediterranean.

Main entrance of the house.

Limestone materials.

Another of the families of materials typical of the Balearic Islands are limestone materials. Lime or mortar (mortar made of lime, sand and water) are two of the main materials used in building work on this side of the Mediterranean. Traditionally, they are used both as a consolidant and in the cladding of typical Mediterranean façades and walls. It is the usual binder in bonding mortars and coatings.

Stone materials.

As in many other parts of Europe, the Romans populated the Balearic Islands for a long time and left stone as a building material in their cultural archive. Thank you Romans! Because stone is one of the decorative and constructive elements that arouses most passions among lovers of the Mediterranean essence.

Stone was and is used to shape the façades of houses both for its aesthetic character and for its obvious consistency and durability. But we also see it in interior design, delimiting and marking walls that separate the interior from the exterior of homes. Or as we see it in Icazar; joining both spaces so that they are in a perfect state of coexistence.

In short, homes with a Mediterranean character or with the essence of the Balearic Islands, must be functional houses, which stand out for their simplicity and sobriety in their architectural solutions and which adapt and integrate completely into the landscape.